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Bluespot Studios is a private recording and production facility operating in Newcastle NSW, on the east coast of Australia. Specialising in audio recording and production, Bluespot offers the latest in Digital Hard Disk recording technology. With a huge library of high end plug-ins and hundreds of processing options available, there is very little we cannot do.

At Bluespot you can record your band, duo, solo performance, spoken word, on-hold message, voice-over, theme, soundtrack, press release, sound effect, atmospheric background, or whatever you like. We will not judge the material or content and are only ever interested in delivering the best quality output for your work.

In addition to song demo and pre-mastering recording services, we also offer a full composition, arrangement, performance and production service for all types of commisioned music including corporate and company logos or themes, background music, muzak, original or licensed backing/accompaniment music for performers in audio CD, MD or MIDI format and a huge range of other audio production services, too numerous to list here.

We can prepare and deliver your material on a variety of media inluding DataCD, AudioCD, DAT, Cassette Tape, Mp3, Wav or whatever you require. We can also provide a pre-mastered mixdown, a mastered final mix or we can even archive the whole project as dry beds for mixing and post-production elsewhere. The choice is yours. We are simply here to help make it happen.

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